The Wisdom of Dr. David R. Harkins

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Praised by Mother Teresa and Dr. Wayne Dyer for his breakthrough research and innovative teachings on the human mind, Dr. David Hawkins took our understanding of spiritual truth and enlightenment to an entirely new level. A nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, spiritual teacher, and lecturer, Dr. Hawkins was the founding director of the Institute for Spiritual Research Incorporated and the founder of the path of devotional non-duality. During his life, he devoted almost three full decades to understanding the potential of the human spirit. His exhaustive research led to techniques anyone can use to elevate their quality of life.

In this authoritative work, readers will be brought to higher levels of awareness, control, and understanding. This book includes ten volumes of Dr. Hawkins's core teachings that are most beneficial and relevant to today's world, including his Map of Consciousness calibration process.

The Ultimate David Hawkins Library also includes one of Dr. Hawkins's last lectures on the most valuable qualities for a spiritual seeker.

Get ready to step off the ego path onto a more rewarding, fulfilling, and service-oriented journey of enlightenment.

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