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Join your host Rachel Grace as she presents the experiences, joys and challenges as a child growing up with a sixth sense.


“Over the years especially in the later parts I’ve had a passion for helping parents of children with a gift, the gift to see beyond what others see. I have worked with many children and given them tools to use to make their life a little more normal when they are also connected the spiritual world”


Is this session for you?

* Are you a parent that has a child that tells you things they possible couldn’t or shouldn’t know?

* Did you have experiences as a child that you still cannot get your head around?

* Does your child insist on having an imaginary friend?

* Are you lost in what guidance to give your child when it comes to what they are hearing, seeing, sending?

* Are you interested in the workings of the spiritual realm yourself?

* Is your child explaining worldly events that boggle your mind?

* Does your child often stare in the distance

* Is your child constantly day dreaming?

* Does your child have visitations from family that has passed?


If you can relate have then be assured your questions will be answered and you will leave this session armed with knowledge and tools to begin to implement with your child.


In this session Rachel will be discussing her own experiences growing up, answering any questions you have about your child and giving you information on how to handle it with exercises and tools to make your home life a little more “normal”.


So many children are being diagnosed with Autism, developmental delays, behavioural, disabilities and digestive issues.

Is this part of the awakening for our planet?


Let’s talk about it!


When - Thursday 11th May 2023


Time - 8pm

Exchange - $35



* This event is for those aged 16 or over.

* 16 - 18 years must be accompanied by an adult

* When online please make sure you have your headphones plugged in so little ears can’t hear as we will be discussing all levels of experiences


"One night while I was teaching the Advanced Psychic & Mediumship certification course I noticed through the camera behind me a little girl looking at me behind the wardrobe door. Once I finished teaching I approached her and we began to talk. She was wondering where my son was. She explained how she used to speak to him all the time and he doesn’t talk to her anymore.

My son is on medication for his epilepsy and since he has been medicated he doesn’t see or hear spirit anymore. I feel this is a blessing in disguise to allow him to be a child and grow without the added demands of spirit connection as I had growing up.


I connect further with her and find out that she has been around him since he left the hospital. She has been with him the times I wasn’t there. My son was premature and spent weeks in hospital before coming home. She was desperate to play, speak with him again and I explained the situation of his diagnosis and one day she would be able to be noticed again and it’s ok.


For a few years now, my own childhood journey with spirit has been on my mind and I have been thinking of what more I could do to help the children of today cope. How can I help the parents also.

I offer my time, as a way to give back, to help parents of children that are awakened but I can only get to a handful a year with my schedule. I know there are many out there having experiences that are unexplained that I am unable to reach. I know there are many Parents that are scratching their heads unable to know how to handle it or what to do. "