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Online Learning | The Geographic Intuitive

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The Geographic Intuitive
Are you drawn to specific locations on this planet & not sure why?
Do you have a yearning to live in a certain place or country?
Are you wanting to know more about the ley lines and vortex points of the planet?
Well, this is the class for you!
In this 2.5 hours session you will uncover an new psychic gift to assist you in reading the energy of the land and also uncover your own personal areas of the planet that are aligned to all areas of your life for manifestation, love, productivity, transformation & more.
Here in this session is a mix of Astrology and Spirituality.
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The Geographical Intuitive class will be held via zoom and recorded. You will have access to the recording for 3 months via your own unique login via the website.


To access your purchased course and/or meditations, make sure you are registered as a site member on our website. This can be completed under the login tab. If you are a new member, our team will be notified of your registration and will add you to the course and/or meditation you have purchased. Please note that this process could take a few days. Come back to the academy tab on our website and click access on the courses and/or meditation you purchased.

Please note that the recording is for single user only and all content in the recording is under copyright laws.