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Moldavite's affects vary widely, from mild to almost overwhelming, from physical cleansing to spiritual breakthroughs, yet one common denominator seems to be the revitalisation and acceleration of ones path of personal evolution. Moldavite excites energies and speeds vibration, it activates all chakras and focuses on areas of blockage to clear that area then move into resonance with ones entire energetic system. It can increase dream activity, help connect with spirit guides, stimulates all types of healing, deepen meditation and encourage necessary changes within ones life. 
Moldavite is technically a Tektite, which is a group of impact glasses formed by meteorite impacts.
Moldavite was named by Armand Dufrénoy after the town of Moldauthein in Bohemia. Moldavite is also called “The Holy Grail Stone” and has a high vibration and intense frequency. It’s also nicknamed “The Stone Of Transformation” as it’s an amazing transformation crystal.
Moldavite has metaphysical properties that enable you to surpass time. For that reason, many individuals find the stone useful when they would like to engage in a past life or explore the path that their soul is taking in any direction of time. Healers use Moldavite to assist with removing emotions and clear the aura of any undesirable baggage from a past life.
Moldavite is believed to raise a sense of self-awareness and assist people who are looking to uncover emotions or feelings which keep them stuck in unhappy situations in the present. Those people will be able to uncover those things that are trapping them in an unhappy present and move forward.

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