Online Learning | Crystal Healing Level I Bare Rocks

Online Learning | Crystal Healing Level I Bare Rocks

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Calling those that like a little or a lot of sparkle!

I have been surrounded by and worked with Crystals of all kinds for four decades and have developed a learning program around the scientific aspects mixed with metaphysics of Crystals and would love to teach you all the knowledge I’ve gained over these years step by step, level by level to become a CERTIFIED CRYSTAL HEALER!

Are you beginning your journey and attracted to the beautiful Crystalline Kingdom?
Perhaps dipped your toes in and know a little bit about Crystals?
Don’t know why Crystals are the new black and want to know more?
Use tools in your own spiritual practice or wishing to gain further knowledge about Crystals mixed with easy to learn Geology?

BARE ROCKS is the LEVEL 1 course filled with learning all about crystals!
You can’t become a crystal healer without all the knowledge behind you.

Because I want to take the woo woo fluff out, strip it right back and clear up all of the misinformation that is out there on the uses and metaphysics of Crystals so you are armed with wisdom when you are shopping, collecting or using crystals in your own practice!

You will become a BARE ROCK HOUND at the end of this level and receive a certificate in recognition of your learning!

So the next question - what will I actually learn?
Everything from Crystal structures, formations, cleansing, identification, be able to spot a fake, testing methods, Crystal grids, plus learn the properties of loads of minerals how they grow and emit energy as you move through each level!

​5 Lessons are available to view at your own leisure on the website with printable handouts. After you complete the lessons there is a link for your exam.



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